Highstakes Roulette Player Loses £34 000 in Online Casino

huge loss on live roulette

This is one of the craziest high stake Roulette videos that I’ve ever come across on Youtube. It’s from an online casino streamer called Rocknrolla. He’s a highstakes slots and table games player who records his gambling sessions.

In the video below he’s been building up a stack of £34 490. I think he started with a 200% deposit bonus and then built up his balance with big bets on Roulette. His goal was to get to £100 000, but as you can see in the video he didn’t quite make it. I’ve never seen anyone bet this big before, and even though he’s a highroller, these are not his normal stakes. Normally he would be betting £100-£1000 per spin.

It’s crazy to see these guys gamble such high stakes. There’s so much money on the line and it can all go away in a matter of minutes. Imagine what you can buy for £34 000! You can buy a brand new car or travel around the world. Heck, even putting the money in the bank with a 5% interest would give you a guaranteed £1700 extra per year.