How to Use WinRAR

WinRAR is a compression software that is used to compress one file or a number of files to reduce its size. This is very useful when it comes to storing files or transferring it. WinRAR compresses files that have .zip and .rar formats, and it can also extract files with .zip and .rar formats.

This file compression tool is easy to use. Make sure that you have the program installed in your computer before you begin compressing or extracting files.

As soon as you have installed WinRAR, go to the file directory and choose the files you want to compress. Once done, right click on your mouse. A drop-down menu appears, choose “Add to Archive”. Name your compressed file, and then select a file format: zip or rar. The tool then compresses the files, and you’re done!

For an easy tutorial on how to use WinRAR, here’s a video:


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